Attila Kertész is an artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary.

“My interest lies on the unconscious, on the borderline of the familiar and the unfamiliar dealing
with the notion of instinctive adjoin of birth and death, vulnerability and security, kinship and
loneliness within the human existence. Lately I moved toward figurative painting, the semi-
animal and semi-human entities that I create exist on the canvas in tangled up positions, as a
cluster of limbs, fingers and genitalia struggling with each other. The figures appear in front of a
monochrome colour field, the seemingly vivid colours carry a thick outline of oil crayon as a
reminder of the pre birth safety and the separation that is offered by the womb. Within one
series my colour stories are intuitive reoccurring shades, that build up the pieces of the figures, I
consciously break apart the silhouette of the human shape, therefore the overall outline and the
flesh of the figures forge an illusion of an abstract organism, which carry the potential of
constant adjustment and transformation within itself. The toned acrylic paint bears the
melancholy that comes with the reminiscence of survival.”